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If you can’t change the laws, change the lawmakers!

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Delaware County United for Sensible Gun Policy recognizes that part of the reason that we haven’t been able to pass the most basic gun policy reform legislation, nationally or here in Pennsylvania, is because we don’t have enough committed allies in elected office.  It’s time for that to change.

Delco United is evaluating candidates for office, making endorsements, and mobilizing members to do the nitty-gritty work of electing people who will stand for common sense gun policies, such as universal background checks on gun sales.

We have targeted three PA legislature races for the 2014 November 4th election and have already made endorsements.  Please read our endorsements below and consider getting involved in one or all of the campaigns.  Later in the campaign season, Delco United will be doing its own  voter education, registration, and turnout  work.  Sign up to receive alerts on these activities.


John Kane–PA State Senate Candidate in the 26th District.


John Kane is a union plumber and the Business Manager for Local 690 who is committed to acting in the best interests of Delaware County’s working families.  Part of that commitment is 100% alignment with Delco United’s legislative agenda, including universal background checks on all gun sales, which are essential for the safety of all Pennsylvanians.  At the June 28th Rally for Universal Background Checks, John was visibly moved by the tragic stories of parents whose children were ripped from them by gun violence.  In his speech, he had a simple, strong message:  “Help is on the way.”

The 26th District State Senate seat is being vacated by longtime State Senator, Ted Erickson.  The seat is therefore up for grabs–let’s take it for gun sense!

Get involved in John Kane’s campaign.


Vince Rongione–Candidate for PA House of Representatives in the 163rd District


Vince Rongione is an attorney who has extensive political and governmental experience, including serving as Deputy Campaign Manager for Finance for Admiral Joe Sestak’s first run for U.S. Congress and as Communications Director for U.S. Congressman, Chris Carney (D, PA-10).  Part of Vince’s public service philosophy is 100% alignment with Delco United’s legislative agenda, including universal background checks on gun sales.  Vince has a deep understanding of public policy and a passionate commitment to meeting the needs of the 163rd District–one of those needs is gun safety in our neighborhoods, schools, and workplaces.

The 163rd District State House seat is being vacated by longtime State Representative Nicholas Miccozie.  The seat is in play–let’s play to win for sensible gun policy!

Get involved in Vince Rongione’s campaign.


Whitney Hoffman–Candidate for PA State House of Representatives in the 160th District

whitney hoffman

Whitney Hoffman is an educator and digital media consultant whose experience as a mother and advocate in the local school system led her to seek public office in service of children and families.  Part of Whitney’s promise to do what’s best for kids is her 100% alignment with the legislative agenda of Delaware County United for Sensible Gun Policy, including universal background checks on gun sales.  That alignment comes through clearly in Whitney’s recent reflection on her participation in the Walk and Rally for Universal Background Checks.

The 160th District State House seat is currently held by Stephen Barrar, who stands alone among Delaware County’s state representatives as the only legislator who opposes universal background checks on gun sales.  Not only is Rep. Barrar out of step with the bi-partisan mainstream on this issue, he is actively aligned with gun policy extremists who oppose any gun policy reforms whatsoever.  The 160th District race is significant because politicians who side with the interests of the gun manufacturers and the NRA need to be sent a message from citizens.  Delco United will put its full weight behind a candidate who has the courage and vision to put gun safety on the table as an issue worth fighting for.

Get involved in Whitney Hoffman’s campaign.


Job Well Done

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On Saturday, June 28, 2014, Delaware County United for Sensible Gun Policy held a Walk & Rally for Universal Background Checks on Gun Sales.  Turn out was amazing, and the collective demonstration of people power throughout the day was exactly what this movement needed.  We are beginning to witness the elements we need for success:  persistence, empowerment, and passion.

Over 250 people attended the rally, including 150 folks of all ages, religions, and ethnic heritage who joined the seven-mile walk from the Martin Luther King historical marker at Calvary Baptist Church in Chester to the Providence Friends Meeting House in Media.

See great photos by Daily Times blogger, Mary Ann Feibert

See photos of the event with the front page article in the Daily Times website.

Read the front page article in the Daily Times.

Visit our Facebook page:
and share your photos and video of the event

Signs, banners, flags, tee-shirts, songs, and chants sent a clear message to thousands of pedestrians and drivers in Chester, Nether Providence, and Media during the walk from Chester to Media. “We want Universal Background Checks on Gun Sales – Now.”

Our walkers displayed courage and strong spirit when passing by 75-100 armed counter-demonstrators gathered at Baltimore Pike and Rt. 252. Singing the civil rights anthem, “We Shall Overcome,” our contingent avoided confrontation with opponents and remained focused on the purpose of the walk.

At the rally, Bob McMahon, Mayor of Media, welcomed the audience and asked for a moment of silence for all the victims of gun violence. Staff members from the offices of U.S. Senator Pat Toomey (R) and U.S. Congressmen Robert Brady (D) and Patrick Meehan (R) read statements of support for legislation that would establish universal background checks on gun sales.

John Linder, Mayor of Chester; Shira Goodman, Executive Director of CeaseFire PA; Movita Johnson-Harrell, mother of a son lost to gun violence; Christine Licata, Pennsylvania Chapter Leader of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America; and Rev. Anita Littleton, Chairperson of the Chester City-Delaware County Chapter of Heeding God’s Call also presented. Two candidates seeking election to the PA House of Representatives, Whitney Hoffman (D-160th District) and Vince Rongione (D-163rd District), and one candidate running for PA State Senate, John Kane (D-26th District), spoke in favor of universal background checks.

Dassette Cameron, a Chester resident, recited a poem about the pain and trauma of losing friends to gun violence.

The regionally acclaimed Chester Children’s Chorus brought the crowd to its feet with a rousing musical performance to end the program.

June 28th was an amazing day for our local movement to pass sensible gun policies.

Thank you to everyone who organized, volunteered, and participated.





Walk & Rally for Universal Background Checks on Gun Sales

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Sign up to participate in the Walk & Rally!

Sign up to attend the Rally only, not the Walk!

Over 30,000 Americans die from gun violence every year, but we don’t even screen every person who tries to buy a gun to see if he or she is prohibited from owning one because of a history of domestic violence, criminal activity, or dangerous mental health problems.

Requiring a background check on every gun sale is a simple change that is long overdue.

Please join Delco United in a Walk & Rally for Universal Background Checks on June 28, 2014:



9:15 AM    Meet bus for ride to Chester

Walkers from outside of Chester may park at the municipal parking lot at Orange St. & Baltimore Pike in Media  and ride a free school bus to the Walk start site.* Parking is free on Saturdays.   Sign up to participate in the Walk & Rally and reserve a spot on the bus.

10:00   Walk begins from the MLK Historical Marker  at Calvary Baptist Church, 1616 W. 2nd St., Chester — *Walkers may park at the Church and return after the rally in the bus

11:00      Stop at the Memorial to the Lost at Chester East Side Ministries, 420 E. 9th St., Chester.  Installed by the Chester City/Delaware County chapter of Heeding God’s Call, this powerful exhibit is a visual reminder of the terrible human toll of gun violence in our community.

12:00   Rest & lunch at Holy Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church, 927 S. Providence Rd, Wallingford 19086.  Delco United will be providing sandwiches, fruit, and water.  Sign up to participate and request a lunch.  You can join the Walk halfway through by coming to the Church at 12:00 noon.  Sign up to participate in the second half of the Walk.

2:00      Walk arrives at Providence Friends Meeting House

105 N. Providence Road, Media

2:30     Rally for Universal Background Checks at Providence Friends Meeting House.

You don’t have to go on the Walk to attend the Rally.  Sign up to attend the Rally only.

chorus logoSpecial appearance by Chester Children’s Chorus

*At the conclusion of the Rally, free school bus will drive Walkers back to the municipal parking lot in Media and back to Calvary Baptist Church in Chester.

 Confirmed Speakers: Walk Kickoff — Rev. Dr. Bayard Taylor, Jr. Pastor, Calvary Baptist Church; Beverly Wright, Women of Strength.  Rally — John Linder, Mayor of Chester; Bob McMahon, Mayor of Media; Rev. Anita Littleton, Heeding God’s Call, Chester-Delco; Movita Johnson Harrell, mother of gun violence victim; Shira Goodman, CeaseFirePA; Christine Licata, Pennsylvania Chapter Leader, Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America; Dassette Cameron, Poet, Delco United’s Chester Coordinator; Whitney Hoffman, Candidate for PA StateHouse (160th); John Kane, Candidate for PA Senate (26th); Vince Rongione, Candidate for PA House (163rd) staff members from the offices of US Senator Pat Toomey and US Representative Patrick Meehan with messages of support.

The goal of the event is to demonstrate deep and broad support in Delaware County for universal backgrounds checks on gun sales and to raise the need for universal background checks as a key issue in the 2014 elections for U.S. Congress and the Pennsylvania Legislature.  To accomplish that goal, we need you!

Sign up to participate in the Walk & Rally!

Sign up to attend the Rally only, not the Walk!