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Demand the Ban (again!)

Demand the Ban (again!)

After the tragic events which recently occurred in El Paso, TX and Dayton, OH, rather than stepping up and supporting real reform which could prevent similar tragedies in the future, our U.S. Senator Pat Toomey openly refused to support an assault weapons ban. In a statement on Fox News, Sen. Toomey claimed that his reason for not supporting a ban on assault rifles was because, “they are extremely popular”, and “have no more firepower than ordinary hunting rifles”.  This illogical, incorrect, and immoral reasoning is no longer acceptable.

In May of 2018, we marched and rallied at Toomey’s Philadelphia office, for our first “Demand the Ban” event.  In light of the continued mass shootings and unending daily gun violence committed with semi-automatic assault weapons, and Senator Toomey’s refusal to stand up and protect the Pennsylvanians he was elected to serve, we knew it was time to renew our call for action.

So on Monday, August 12th, Delco United joined with our partners: Heeding God’s Call to End Gun ViolenceThe CHARLES FoundationOrange Wave for Gun Safety, and CeasefirePA, to fill the space outside Senator Pat Toomey’s Philadelphia office with hundreds of gun violence prevention advocates for another “Demand the Ban” rally. Among the event’s speakers were Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner, State Representative Movita Johnson-Harrell, and leaders from the various partnering organizations. The assembly was led in song by Voices Rising Philly, as well as Lydia Munoz, who helped instill a spirit of hope- an essential resource in the fight to change our current reality.

While Senator Toomey hasn’t yet signed on to the Assault Weapons Ban of 2019 (S. 66), we have reached a tipping point, from which there is no turning back. A majority of Americans support an assault weapons ban, and the many, many supporters who showed up on a Monday afternoon to demand our Senator support this legislation proves that this is the “popular” thing to do! To those of you who were with us at the rally (or joined us in spirit), we thank you for your advocacy. With your help, we WILL change our nation’s gun laws.

Demand the Ban, NOW! 
You can view CBS 3’s coverage of our event by clicking here.


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