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Electoral Work

If you can’t change the laws, change the lawmakers. Delco United knows that changing gun policy in this country is an uphill battle and that persuasion and pressure alone don’t always get the job done. That’s why we engage in electoral politics when necessary.

Delco United is completely non-partisan. Our only criterion for whether to support a candidate for office is his or her stance on our legislative agenda. For officials already in office, this is sometimes as simple as “did they do what we asked them to do?”

Delco United selects key races in local, state, and federal elections; prepares and distributes questionnaires about gun policy to participating candidates; researches their positions; conducts interviews with candidates; and then makes endorsements based on our conclusions.

In priority races, we mobilize volunteers to educate voters about candidates’ positions on key gun policy issues, to promote our endorsed candidates, and to activate gun sense voters on Election Day.

The NRA built its power through a simple formula: reward politicians who support your agenda and punish those who don’t at the polls. Given the overwhelming support for stronger gun laws by most Americans, there is absolutely no reason why we can’t make this formula work for the gun sense movement. The only thing stopping us is the belief that we can’t do it. Delco United is turning that cynicism around.