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Posted by on Jun 19, 2016 in News | 1 comment

A Call to Action to Ban Assault Weapons ~ June 18, 2016


To U.S. Congressman Patrick Meehan,

In the wake of the Orlando massacre, we respectfully call on you to take bold leadership on the issue of sensible gun policy by immediately co-sponsoring House Resolution 4269, which would establish a federal ban on military-style assault weapons and high capacity ammunition magazines.

There is no legitimate purpose for these weapons in civilian life. There is no legitimate reason why the federal government should continue to make it easy for people with a variety of deranged motivations to walk into a gun store and legally purchase weapons and ammunition that can slaughter—in a matter of minutes— dozens and dozens of our fellow citizens.

How many more have to die before Congress acts?

We are weary of mass shootings, alarmed at the refusal of our elected officials to take any meaningful action, and unwilling to sit idly by while public servants wring their hands and say once again that the issue is too complicated and that nothing will work.

We lovingly urge you to be a brave leader on behalf of your constituents. We ask in the spirit of cooperation and respect that you place the safety and security of our communities above any political considerations, including backlash from the extremists of the National Rifle Association, who consistently act in the interests of gun manufacturers and gun profiteers rather than in the interests of responsible gun owners and ordinary Americans.

It is time.

Thank you,

The 1,038 members of Delaware County United for Sensible Gun Policy and our supporters


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Photos from Delaware Valley Remembers Sandy Hook

Photos from Delaware Valley Remembers Sandy Hook

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Delaware Valley Remembers Sandy Hook


On December 7th, a coalition of 10 organizations, including Delaware County United for Sensible Gun Policy, hosted a memorial to the victims at Sandy Hook and to all victims of gun violence while calling for legislative action on universal background checks.  The event, attended by 150 people, was held at Villanova University with the support of the Villanova University Center for Peace and Justice Education.  The program featured Governor Ed Rendell, along with victims and survivors of victims of gun violence, musical presentations, and leaders in the gun violence prevention movement.

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