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Legislative Work

Delaware County United for Sensible Gun Policy works to pass stronger gun laws at the local, state, and national level.  Our aim is not to take anyone’s guns away or to dismantle the 2nd Amendment.  The goal is to enact common sense regulations that will directly reduce the number of homicides, suicides, accidents, and injuries caused by firearms in our communities.


Specifically, we support the passage of laws that would:

  • Require comprehensive background checks for all gun purchases,
  • Ban military-style assault weapons,
  • Ban high-capacity ammunition magazines (holding more than 10 rounds),
  • Require that lost or stolen guns be reported,
  • Allow law enforcement officers and/or family members to petition a court to impose a temporary firearms restraining order on individuals who pose a threat to themselves or others,
  • Limit the number handguns a single person can purchase to one per month.

This legislative agenda does not intend to limit the lawful ownership of guns for the purpose of self-defense or hunting.